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Leading Edge Realty Inc.

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Mr. Rahman is Self motivated, ethical & highly professional, He is enthusiastic, most diverged and continuously engaged upgrading the latest knowledge and expertise in the Real Estate field. He has achieved the most distinguished FRI, CRES, MVA, Professional designations in the Real Estate Industry. He is experienced with 25+ Years of combined successful Business, Management and Construction Engineering back ground, Continuing to putting his efforts in Upgrading and Certifications in Real Es
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Disability and Personal Injury Mediation

Have you been denied benefits as a result of an illness or injury? You may be entitled to compensation for your loss of income, medical and housekeeping expenses, emotional trauma, etc. Mediation and other Dispute Resolution processes are being used with greater frequency to try to settle these disputes. They provide individuals with an opportunity to try to resolve some or all the issues while controlling the outcome.Our Mediation team includes professionals with many years’ experience in Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Case Management.

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Family & Teen-Parent Mediation

Resolve your conflicts, improve communication, learn dispute resolution skills and preserve your relationships. Services: Teen Parent Agreements, Family Mediation, Cohabitation Agreement Mediation, Marriage Contract (Pre Nup) Mediation.

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Affordable Divorce and Separation Mediation

Divorcing, Separating? Call us at 416-786-9019 to schedule a confidential, free, no obligation session and find out your options.Experience the difference with Fair Solutions Mediation. Caring, Professional Mediators take you step by step through your parenting, property and financial issues, towards a mutually satisfying agreement.

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Elder Care Mediation

Experience Matters…Our professional and caring Mediators can help you and your family regain your peace of mind. Elder conflicts typically involve disputes among adult siblings about issues surrounding an ageing parent’s changing care needs and medical treatment; the independence issues that accompany the ageing process, including housing and living arrangements; and issues regarding financial management and the elder’s estate plan.

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Fair Solutions Mediation – An Affordable Alternative

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Divorce, Separation, Family Conflict, Elder Care Issues, Disability?

We offer a comprehensive, child-focused and cost-effective option for parents needing to re-structure their family life following separation or divorce. We specialize in assisting parents to build fair, durable and realistic parenting plans which are age appropriate. Our caring, qualified Mediators take you step by step through your parenting and financial/property issues which include child support arrangements. Call us
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