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Property Types

Single Family Home

A single-family detached home, also known as a single-detached dwelling, single-family residence, or separate house, is a standalone residential building.


A condominium is a type of ownership where a building is divided into multiple units, each owned separately or jointly with exclusive occupation rights by individual owners.


A townhouse, also known as a townhome, is a form of terraced housing. A contemporary townhouse typically has a compact layout spread across several levels.


Commercial property, also known as commercial real estate, investment property, or income property, meant to generate profit through capital gains or rental income.


Multifamily housing includes multiple separate residential units housed within a single building or multiple buildings in a single complex. Units may be adjacent or stacked.


Industrial property encompasses all land and buildings utilized for industrial activities such as production, manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, research, storage, and distribution of consumer goods.

Raw Land

Raw land, also known as undeveloped land, refers to empty areas lacking public utilities, structures, or driveways. Generally located in rural regions off county roads. 

New Construction

New construction means buildings that are completely new and have not been used before. These properties have no signs of wear and tear requiring fixing, and never been inhabited before.

Businesses & Hotels

A place that offers accommodation, meals, entertainment, and personal services for the general public.

International Properties

International Properties refer to each property situated outside the United States.

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