5 Best Takeout Options in Denver Colorado

The 4th of July is going to be a little different this year. Celebrating Independence Day while socially distancing and staying home means for many of us, takeout! Besides, what’s more American than cheeseburgers, pizza, and fried chicken sandwiches? To eat a meal cooked by someone else in a kitchen other than your own is a momentous occasion these days and choosing a restaurant is a decision I do not take lightly. Today I’m sharing 5 of the best takeout options in Denver, Colorado. I hope you find a new favorite!

1. Park Burger

This burger will make you proud to be an American. Whether you go classic or specialty, the flavor is unmatched! I couldn’t resist “The Fun Guy” topped with sautéed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, haystack onions & truffle-garlic aioli. Double down with some crispy parm truffle french fries on the side, a fizzy yerba mate to wash it all down and complete the experience with a homemade marshmallow bar for dessert. This burger will leave you totally satisfied and you’ll be coming back again soon.

2. Blackjack Pizza

This Detroit-style, square pan pizza brings back all the nostalgia of Pizza Hut in the 1990’s. Blackjack has it all and for those who just can’t choose a specialty pie, you can pick two with no upcharge! My pizza was half “Good Deal” with pepperoni, mushrooms, red onion, green pepper and Italian sausage and the other half was “Hawaiian” with ham, pineapple and extra mozzarella cheese. A small feeds two people perfectly with six slices and four delectable, crunchy, cheesy corner pieces. It’ll be your new Friday tradition.

3. Birdcall

The “Southern Chicken” with pimento cheese spread and southern coleslaw is crunchy, tangy, and when dipped in a side of their Birdcall sauce, makes the perfect bite. The location in Whole Foods at Union Station is completely contactless. You pay up front with a credit card and take your own order on a touch-screen. In about 10 minutes, you’ll see your name on the TV screen telling you which bay your order is in and ready for pick-up. Bubbly fans, don’t miss their organic soda fountain. If you get one of their spicier sandwiches, don’t forget the Oreo milkshake to cool down.

4. Leevers Locavore

Whether you want an easy sushi lunch, a surf and turf dinner or you’re making a decadent cheese board, this is the place to get all of your supplies. Everything in the store is local, natural and fresh. They have a vast selection of Colorado-made products and you are sure to discover something new. I always grab some cold cuts and a bag of frozen rainbow corn. Their produce section boasts variety so you can stock up on your plants but I also suggest you grab a strawberry whoopi pie. It’s called balance.

5. Safeway

A sensory experience from the moment you first smell it. Please allow me to reintroduce you to our good old friend, the rotisserie chicken. Safeway’s version of this comfort food is only $7 and whether you choose rosemary, BBQ or traditional, it is perfectly delicious every time. Hot sliced chicken with crispy, seasoned skin is just the beginning. Leftovers make the best sandwiches, chicken salad, lettuce wraps and you can even make bone broth when you’re all done. Rotisserie chicken really is the gift that keeps on giving. Be a hero tonight and bring one home!

What’s your favorite Denver takeout? Please share in the comments!

By Leigh Evans

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