Best car leases for realtors

We do a lot of driving as Realtors! When you’re out showing properties or meeting for a listing appointment, your clients are probably going to see you in your car. Good or bad, it makes an impression! You want a car that looks good, performs well and doesn’t take up all of your capital to buy it. Leasing is a great option because it makes having a brand new car affordable. Here are the best car leases for Realtors:

1. Tesla model 3
This car will announce your arrival. Not only is it stylish but it’s also 100% battery operated. You will never pay for gas again! Rated highly for safety, you can let the sun shine in through the all-glass roof knowing that your eco-friendly car choice is good for you and the world. Two motors digitally control torque to all wheels for exceptional handling and traction. It also brings the power from 0-60 mph in as little as 3.2 seconds! You can take a deep, soothing breath while the car auto-parks itself for your appointment. A more controlled and less burdensome driving experience makes Tesla the ultimate vehicle.

2. BMW i3
For the Realtor who is reliable and fun! This fully electric sedan is perfect for daily driving. Understated elegance with a sporty vibe. The eye-catching i3 is compact but not cramped. Rear-hinged coach doors make for open access and an expansive feel. You get the high-quality performance that BMW is known for with a lowered center of gravity for improved maneuverability. High-capacity batteries fully charge in under 6 hours and you’ll be good or up to 200 miles! The Zen is in the details with interior trim made from sustainably grown eucalyptus wood and seat fabrics which incorporate recycled plastics. 

3. Lexus UX Hybrid
Lexus is all about luxury. Consistently best in class for agility and performance. The UX has a spacious interior and the innovative technology anticipates your every need. All buttons are within reach and you feel like a driver in charge. Convenient kick sensor on the power rear door for when your hands are full and the crossover body style gives you plenty of space for real estate signs or groceries. Aerodynamic taillights and triple-beam LED headlamps will illuminate the road before you and should you encounter any troubles along your journey, you are guaranteed an exceptional service experience with Lexus.

4. Toyota Camry Hybrid
The new Camry is anything but basic. The classic look and sleek exterior design represent a person who makes sound decisions. The hybrid has impressive power and fuel efficiency which make for a smooth ride and the advanced safety features allow you to drive with confidence. Comfy seats and ambient lighting will make you and your passengers feel at ease. This one is a definitely winner in for reliability. The Camry is tried and true. It has staying power and consistent affordability. It might just be your knight in shining armor.

5. Honda Accord Hybrid
Versatility is the Accord’s love language. The rear seatback folds down to accommodate the demands of each day. Conveniences like the remote engine starter to get the AC or heat running before you get in and the automatic lock and unlock feature just by grabbing one of the front-door handles make operating this car fun! She’s also a beauty with a sharp exterior and sleek leather interior. The LED headlights are unique and give the car a good face. Above average in fuel efficiency. The Accord is a high quality, economic car. A solid business vehicle that would serve anyone well. 

Do you have a favorite car? Please share in the comments!

By Leigh Evans

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