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The Right Support

Our broker has mentored hundreds of real estate professionals around the world and will teach you industry tricks, tips and secrets.

365 broker support

Our broker is available to communicate with you daily and Broker Support is available 7 days a week.

Contract guidance

Broker provided mentorship and contract oversight on every single transaction.

The direct broker support is what enables me to provide clients with a quality service. 

Jeaneé, Realtor

Adam is a broker you can trust to be there for you with solid guidance and strategy.

Christopher, Realtor

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Technology On-The-Go

All the best real estate software, programs, processes and systems needed to succeed (paid for by us).

Client portals

Clients can search, save and share their favorite properties. View listings, reports, statistics and directions.

Effective communication

A secure private messaging app that can be used on any device to instant message, video conference, and share documents directly with customers and your broker.

Close More Sides

Our unique business model offers the highest value to our customers while generating more profit for our agents giving them a competitive advantage.

Win more listings

Get more listings! Our low listing fee and years of experience make it difficult for big brokerages to compete.

Work with more buyers

Attract more buyers! Our cash back program and streamlined sales process improves the home buying experience.

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We Keep It Simple, You Keep 100% Commission

You only pay a minimal monthly, yearly and small transaction fee.


Per Month


Per File


Per Year

No Commission Splits

✓ One Low Monthly Fee

✓ Smart Business Model

✓ Trademarked Name

✓ No Cap

✓ No Quarterly Fees

✓ No Training Fees

✓ No Client Fees

✓ No Minimum Transactions

✓ No Mandatory Meetings

✓ No Floor Duty Required

✓ No Desk Fees

✓ Full Broker Support

✓ E&O Insurance Included

✓ Transaction Management

✓ Instant Access to Forms

✓ E-Sign Software

✓ 24/7 Access to Training

✓ Direct Broker Mentorship

✓ Buyer and Seller Leads

✓ Access to Vendor List

✓ Get Paid at Closing

✓ Custom Business Card Files

✓ Listing Syndication 

✓ Graphic Design Assistance

✓ Lead Generation Tools

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