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Leigh is a Broker Associate at RealtyBoss® where she has been helping buyers and sellers since 2014. She's a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and serves on the Community Outreach Committee for Palm Beach County, Florida. Experienced with the FIRPTA sales process and able to advise international investors on matters dealing with the regulations of The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act.

Spanish is a second language for Leigh. After graduating high school, she was chosen to be a Rotary International exchange student and spent a year living with a family in Ibarra, Ecuador. Since then she’s maintained a heartfelt connection with the region and has been back to stay in numerous countries throughout South America.

With an understanding of foreign relocation needs, Leigh can help make those big moves stress-free. RealtyBoss® partners with many local and national companies to provide specialized relocation support and services to their employees.

Leigh has an appreciation for multiculturalism and embraces the customs, languages and needs of people from different backgrounds. As a client, you will feel confident and informed with Leigh assisting when you make important real estate decisions.

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